Our product


We are pleased to present you a unique advertising catering sugar served with a cup of coffee, designed to meet HoReCa(Hotel/Restaurant/Café) needs. What you get with our sugar is the possibility to place your brand (logo) on the product. This makes our sugar a unique advertisement for your catering facility.

An entire team of experts in various fields has worked for several years to successfully accomplish our product. The initial idea was to make this almost ritual experience of drinking coffee even more special by incorporating our unique sugar. Instead of packing sugar in bags , we came up with the idea that the product itself (sugar) becomes your advertisement by engraving logo into the sugar, instead on the packaging.


When buying our promotional sugar candies, the entire amount of the invoice is credited to the company’s expense because It is “promotional material” (since it has your company logo on it).

Our sugar candies are produced in two varieties:

It is of white color with an ivory shade for a better appreciation of the reliefFrom white sugar of domestic origin (sugar beet), which occupies a high place on the world stock exchange market by its quality. This is achieved by special crystallization technique.

  • In ORGANIC sugar in four variants (brown colour):
    • Demerara Cane Sugar
    • Muscovado Cane Sugar

We mentioned that advertising sugars are made from 100% sugar without any additives. They are obtained as a result of crystallization technology lasting at least 72 hours. Thus crystallized sugars have the appearance and firmness of being ceramic. They are also waterproof, do not absorb the humidity of the room, therefore, the humidity in the room does not affect the appearance and properties of the product.

The shelf life or shelf life of the product is UNLIMITED.